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1969 Masi Special “Cronometro”

This Masi Special is special…

Sexy “Cronometro” chainstays, full chrome job and a good amount of exotic componentry*.

The finishing file strokes around the lugs, fork crown and bottom bracket shell show-through a little more than usual, thanks to the lack of paint. It was Masi’s deliberate choice to stick to sand-cast parts for a little longer, while their contemporaries had already moved on to investment cast components. This made the build process of these frames unusually long for the time. Add to that the slotted chainstays and it becomes obvious why Alberto Masi still remembers about this particular bicycle today.

* Unbranded first generation Campagnolo Record brake calipers. 7mm bolt Cinelli 1A first generation quill stem. Cinelli Unicanitor saddle reupholstered by Donelli (Cinelli bought the patent from Donelli some years later).






















1971 Masi Gran Criterium

Photographed in all its dirty and unrestored glory on a September afternoon at Masi’s shop in Milano.
This bicycle, with its rare narrow Georg Fischer bottom bracket shell, the first generation graphics and that nice suede Donelli saddle has since been sent to the country of the rising sun.
Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita!!!
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