1954 Colnago per donna

This Colnago popped-up last Spring and before shipping it to its new owner on the other side of the world I took it to Mr.Ernesto himself (more on that story later) and shot this gallery of photos, courtesy of my lovely Sabine.

This is possibly the oldest documented Colnago in existence. Frame n.26.
Note the mud guards bolts marked G for Gloria, the “E.Colnago” down tube decal and the obsessive branding of the components.



01 Colnago-1954-Granciclismo 02 Colnago-1954-Granciclismo 03 Colnago-1954-Granciclismo 04 Colnago-1954-Granciclismo 05 Colnago-1954-Granciclismo 06 Colnago-1954-Granciclismo 07 Colnago-1954-Granciclismo 08 Colnago-1954-Granciclismo 09 Colnago-1954-Granciclismo 10 Colnago-1954-Granciclismo 11 Colnago-1954-Granciclismo 12 Colnago-1954-Granciclismo 13 Colnago-1954-Granciclismo 14 Colnago-1954-Granciclismo 15 Colnago-1954-Granciclismo 16 Colnago-1954-Granciclismo 17 Colnago-1954-Granciclismo 18 Colnago-1954-Granciclismo 19 Colnago-1954-Granciclismo 20 Colnago-1954-Granciclismo 21 Colnago-1954-Granciclismo 22 Colnago-1954-Granciclismo 23 Colnago-1954-Granciclismo 24 Colnago-1954-Granciclismo 25 Colnago-1954-Granciclismo 26 Colnago-1954-Granciclismo 27 Colnago-1954-Granciclismo

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